Staplehouse (ATL)

My Airbnb in Atlanta was a beautiful micro studio in a 120 year old Queen-Anne victorian home near the famous Grant Park. They recommended Staplehouse as one of the restaurants to check out as their chef Ryan Smith is a James Beard nominee and the restaurant is voted as Atlanta’s best!

All of Staplehouse’s profits (after tax) go towards Giving Kitchens, “…providing emergency assistance to restaurant workers through financial support and a network of community resources.”

They offer a tasting menu experience that ends up costing around $180 CAD after taxes and gratuity.

okra, egg yolk

ribeye, turnip, hazelnut

crab, kohlrabi, papalo

swordfish, sunchoke, celtuce

eggplant, farro, basil

squash, mushrooms, marigold

salami, chicken liver tart, persimmon

aged pork, chestnut, sweet potato, grandma lilian’s potato bread


white chocolate, hibiscus, ginger

caramel miso chocolate

Overall I had a good experience at Staplehouse, I even ended up making friends with another person that was solo-dining there! My favourite dishes of the night was the beef tartare, liver mousse tart, sablefish and kombucha. However, the price of the tasting menu in my opinion was not worth the money. The price point is similar to one Michelin star L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Taipei where the food was better executed.