Charcut (Big Taste YYC 2013)

The one restaurant for Big Taste that you do not want to miss is Charcut. They offered a $35 family style dinner menu that changes by a little everyday (min. 2 people). Considering how good of a value that is and also how amazing the food is, it's a shame if you missed out! This is actually my third visit to Charcut (once to lunch, once to dinner) and they never disappoint.

Skillet Sausage - wine & cheese with jalapeño
Salad - herbed yogurt dressing, feta cheese, chilli pepper

For main, it was pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes. At first when I heard pork for the Big Taste menu, I was afraid of getting really dry pork because that's the way I've always gotten my pork. I was pleasantly surprised when the pork was sweet, juicy and succulent! It was the best pork I've had. Ever. Again, we see the spicy theme on the pork with the chilli rub (which was good). Accompanying the pork was mashed potatoes and broccolini. They grilled the broccolini so good that there was this grill taste to it, I can't really describe it. The mashed potatoes were like any other mashed potatoes except where they swapped bacon with crisped pancetta.

For appetizers, we were served their skillet sausage and salad. The sausage (I'm pretty sure they make and stuff their own) came hot on the skillet and it was really good. They cooked or baked the jalapeño so that the oil from the jalapeño is forced out, onto the sausage. When you eat the sausage, you get the jalapeño oil's heat and it was perfect for that cold day. They continued with the spicy theme onto the salad where it was a simple salad. They drizzled the salad with chilli oil and the salad was very refreshing!

Pork Loins - Chilli Rub, Broccolini with Parmesan, Mashed Potatoes with Pancetta and Sour Cream, Roasted Garlic

I went with my family and they've never gone Charcut before and wanted the most out of their menu. In addition to the Big Taste Menu, we ordered two additional main dishes.


On my previous dinner visit, my friend also had the lamb legs and I got a little taste. The lamb was tender and grilled to perfection. I've got to say, it was as good as before. It proves that Charcut has consistency in their food.

Spring Creek Butcher Steak - chimichurri, arugula, fried matchstick potatoes

For dessert (part of the Big Taste Menu) it was their cheesecake! Every time I went to Charcut, I've always ordered their cheesecake, it's another dish that makes me keep going back. There's just something about the airy cheesecake mousse with the preserves and the graham crumbs. You have to get a little bit of everything with each spoon.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone as this is one of my favouritesin Calgary! With the consistency of the food, fresh tender seasoned right meat grilled to your liking (and gets it right), and amazing dessert, who doesn't want to come here?

Lamb Leg - beans

I personally got to taste the Spring Creek Butcher Steak on my previous visit as well and recommended my family to get it. It tasted as good as before! I love the tenderness of the steak, the crispyness of the matchstick potatoes and the heat in the chimichurri sauce! The chimichurri sauce is what's making me want to order this dish every time. This dish is one of those dishes where you have to take a little bit of every ingredient on the plate and stuff it into your mouth otherwise the flavours won't come together!


Blueberry Preserves Cheesecake - vanilla bean cheesecake mousse layered with toasted graham crumbs