North 53 Late Night Edition

North 53 is a corner restaurant on 124th Street in Edmonton. They offer a late night menu that starts from 11pm - 2am (Friday and Saturday) that includes Crustacean Cracker, Griddled Mushrooms, Filipino Pork Buns and Fried Chicken.

Fried chicken has to be one of my favourite foods to eat and I judge fried chicken on five factors.

1. Batter and crispness
2. Oiliness
3. Juiciness
4. Overall taste

I've got to say, North 53's 3-piece fried chicken scores perfect on all the five factors. They use a thin batter and fry the chicken supercrispy but not oily. The chicken is super fresh and moist. Another major thing is that I can't taste the flavour of overnight refrigerated chicken (which I get from several places). Lastly, the chicken comes with a sour cream and onion dip which goes perfect with the chicken.

Did I mention it's pretty much boneless (except the drumstick)? You don't have to make a big mess and still get good fried chicken. If you're a fan of a thicker batter and Korean sweet sauce with your fried chicken, this isn't for you.

This definitely makes me want to come back to North 53 to try their dinner menu as well as their Filipino Bun which is always sold out when I go!

Recommend: Fried Chicken

Price: $$$$$

Taste: 5/5

Environment: 4.5/5