Second Cup Reimagined

I was invited to the media reveal of the Braeside Second Cup with a completely new concept. The decor of the store was simple, clean, and modern. They've introduced the Slow Bar which included the Pour-Over, Steampunk system and the wireless charging pads!

A Pour-Over requires the right technique of the right coffee grind size, temperature of water, how fast you pour the water and amount of agitation. With the right extraction technique, it'll create a delicate cup of coffee.

What is a Steampunk system? Essentially it is an automatic Siphon machine. It works by heating the water up at the bottom and creates a vacuum causing the water to be sucked upwards. The special thing about the Steampunk is that you are able to control the temperature of the water, coffee or tea brew time, and the amount of steam agitation.

As for the wireless charging pads, it is something that I have not seen around Calgary! If you have an Android phone with wireless charging capabilities, place your phone over the pad and it will start charging. Do not worry iPhone users, you can ask for a lightning attachment and you will be able to charge as well!

I was able to sample a couple of their coffees from the Steampunk machine and my personal favourite was the Batch49 as well as their Flat White made from the espresso machine.

If you are passing by the south side or having a fun day at Southland Leisure Centre, drop by the Second Cup right across the street!

Recommend: Batch49 and Flat White


Taste: 4/5

Environment: 5/5