Charbar (Big Taste YYC 2016)

The first Big Taste Calgary I went to this year is Charbar, which ran by the same people as Charcut! It is nestled in the historic Simmons Building (along with Sidewalk Citizen and Phil & Sebastian) and has a rustic feel to the interior.

For their Big Taste menu, they offered $15 feature pizza or $25 ultra dry aged steak. With sides of lentil soup and beets salad, it also comes with dessert. What's the difference between an ultra dry aged steak to a normal steak? The muscle fibres inside a ultra dry aged steak is broken down, making it super tender throughout.

Ultra Dry Aged Steak - chimichurri, beets salad, beef fat fries, feature soup

Our steak came out perfectly seared and tender and the fries were crisp but soft on the inside. The beets salad is amazing, having the perfect amount of acidity. It's a side that really freshen and brighten up the whole plate. However, the chimichurri sauce was too salty, I had to scrape it off because it was overpowering the taste of the steak. The soup itself has amazing flavours but it was too salty and I couldn't drink too much of it either. 

For dessert, there is the choice of either warm brownie or vanilla Fiasco Gelato soft serve with orange glaze. If there are more than two people in your group, order both! Then have a spoon of brownie with a spoon of the soft serve ice cream, trust me. The desserts were a great way to end the meal.

Warm Brownies & Vanilla Fiasco Gelato Soft Serve with Orange Glaze

Overall, I really enjoyed the Big Taste menu at Charbar and will definitely be back again for more ultra dry aged steak!

Recommend: Ultra Dry Aged Steak

Price: $$$$$

Taste: 4.5/5

Environment: 5/5