Suzette Bistro

Couple Sundays ago I had brunch with fellow Calgarian (and Taiwanese!) blogger For Two, Please at Suzette Bistro! Suzette was a restaurant we both wanted to check out for awhile.

Paysanne Galette - local farm bacon, roasted potato, sautéed mushrooms


Since it was brunch time, it was appropriate to order the Paysanne Galette that has bacon and potatoes. If you don't know what Galettes are, they're savoury, buckwheat crêpes. You know the extra crispy pieces of cheese when you bake it? That's exactly what galettes tastes like!!

The combination of the crêpe with the bacon, potato and mushrooms were perfect; crispy bacon bits with earthy mushrooms and cheesy crepe! However it did get a little oily at the end perhaps from the bacon? The acidic salad does balance some of the heaviness from the dish.

Unfortunately after finishing our galettes, we were stuffed leaving no room for dessert. I would definitely go back and try their sweet crêpes!

Recommend: Paysanne


Taste: 4/5

Environment: 4/5