Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager Launch

I had the privilege to be invited to an exclusive media event, the reveal of Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager. What’s a Budweiser' Copper Lager you ask? It is a lager brewed with two-row barley and bourbon-inspired ingredients. Which is then aged on Jim Beam barrel staves to create a toasted oak aroma and light roasted, malty and caramel rye taste with a hint of vanilla. It has a full bodied flavour with notes of slight smoke and bitterness to complement the hypnotizing dark copper colour of the lager.

Credit: Jessekiah Jost

Jim Beam’s ambassador Ray Daniels was telling us that Jim Beam is an all barley, no additives bourbon aged in brand new white oak barrels. Before aging the liquor, they have to char the insides of the barrels that contains natural sugars. Toasting it will pull and caramelize the sugars. It is aged for a minimum of 4 years and it has aromas of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch and soft maple.

Jim Beam’s ambassador Ray Daniels (left), Budweiser Brewmaster Eric Carteciano (right) Credit: Jessekiah Jost

Budweiser Brewmaster Eric Carteciano guided us through the production of the Copper Lager. The brew starts with specialty malts, the same wheats as a classic Budweiser and the same barley rice yeast that has been used since 1876. It goes through a primary fermentation stage and then wort is added. A new sugar source is introduced and the wort triggers a secondary fermentation. It eliminates impurities and naturally carbonates the beer.

Honestly the Copper Lager is a solid beer, it’s aromatic, easy drinking and very smooth. It’s not extremely hoppy and it has a 6.2% ABV. If a beginner beer drinker wants to try something that’s not that harsh, this would be the perfect beer. They will be doing a limited run exclusively in Alberta and British Columbia, I will definitely be picking up a couple!

Credit: Jessekiah Jost

To pair with the alcohol tastings of Jim Beam, Budweiser Copper Lager and Budweiser, the chefs at Model Milk had created a three course menu to complement the beverages. I got to say, Model Milk never disappoints! I’ve been to Model Milk on several occasions and always enjoyed it (including one time where my friend and I ordered the entire dessert menu)

WAGYU BEEF TARTARE - beer cheese, roti, garlic butter

DEEPWATER FARMS KALE - fresh stracciatella, smoked honey, pumpkin seed

For the first course, we got to pick between the beef tartare or the kale salad. The beef tartare was one of my favourites, it is tender, smokey and had all the right balance of textures. I didn’t eat the salad but my friend said it was delicious!

ALBERTA BEEF - smoked mushroom, shallot cream, crispy onions

DILL PICKLE FRIED CHICKEN - honey glazed, fry bread, spiced yogurt cucumbers

For the second course, it was a choice of beef or fried chicken. The beef was seared perfectly medium rare and the shallot cream/smoked mushroom with the acidity from the mustard seed kale was the perfect marriage. The shallot cream had so much umami it was insane. The fried chicken on the other hand was less appealing as the chicken was slightly dry.

MOUSSE CAKE - dark chocolate, milk crumble

MODEL MILK APPLE PIE - cheddar crust, vanilla ice cream

For the last and dessert course, it was a choice of a dark chocolate mousse cake or MM apple pie. The mousse cake was extremely decadent, it had an outer layer of ganache and a creamy mousse that just melts in your mouth. The MM apple pie was very good as well, the crispy, salty cheddar crust was the star in this pie.

Credit: Jessekiah Jost

Overall I had an amazing time trying out the Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager and the dishes Model Milk created, hope you get a chance to try the Copper Lager before it’s gone!

P.S. The event was held at Model Citizen, I’ve always tried to go on the weekends for drinks but the space is always booked! It was great to finally check the space out.

Thanks to Veritas Communications for the invite and Model Milk for hosting.