Poutine with a Purpose - Gravy Bowl 2019

Every year there is a week that is dedicated to poutine, Poutine with a Purpose. Participating restaurants create one or more poutines in partnership with Mealshare who provides meals to youth in need. Every time someone orders a Mealshare item at a participating restaurant, Mealshare will provide a simple, healthy meal to a youth in need. The Gravy Bowl is an invite only event to kick off the Poutine with a Purpose week. This year, eight chefs/restaurants and eight breweries partnered up to create the best poutine (chefs have to utilize the beer in their poutine). They were judged based on the the quality of their fries, gravy and curds.

For a recap, check out my Instagram highlights at @CandyEatsYYC!

My favourite was Elbow Room’s Alberta Prairies Poutine made with fennel & ale Hogwild boar, crispy brussels, serrano aioli, charred shallot and prairie ale gastrique. This poutine was the fan’s favourite! However the ultimate Gravy Bowl winner was Yellow Door Bistro’s, picked out by three judges (including last year’s Gravy Bowl winner Roy Oh).

Bonus: scroll to the very bottom for a picture of me dying from a lot of poutine.