Brasserie Kensington - Food and Drink Experience 2019

The last time I was at the Brasserie Kensington, I had their classic poutine with foie gras six years ago. Located right on Kensington Road above Winebar, the restaurant is a Canadian Brasserie inspired by local ingredients. This year they offered a $20 two course lunch with the choices of Open Faced Smoked Pork Hock Sandwich, Chilled Prawn and Lobster Roll or Gruyere & Egg Stuffed Crepe. The Prawn and Lobster Roll stood out to me the most and that was what everyone at the table got!

CHILLED PRAWN AND LOBSTER ROLL - egg, radish, gherkin, black tobikko, paprika, lemon aioli

SOUP DU JOUR - lamb, chickpea, Mexican spices

With the sandwiches, you get to pick between soup, salad or fries as sides. The soup was a delicious and hearty lamb chickpea soup. It was packed with flavour and was the perfect way to warm up! The Chilled Prawn and Lobster Roll was flavourful and refreshing although I thought it lacked a little bit of acidity. However, the crunchy celery, gherkin, pops of tobiko, large chunks of lobster and prawn made this a wonderful sandwich.

PETIT FOURS - white chocolate & cream cheese mousse tart, dark chocolate ganache brownie, fruit gelee

The Petit Fours gave contrasting textures and flavours that all worked together in harmony. The Avocado and Honey Panna Cotta surprised me with how well it worked with the blueberry rhubarb shortbread. Just by sniffing the cookie, the strong aromas of blueberry and tea immediately resonates. The desserts were not overly sweet and did not disappoint. It definitely made me curious about their weekend high tea ($38 per person).

AVOCADO AND HONEY PANNA COTTA - blueberry rooibos shortbread, strawberry

Overall I had a great experience at the Brasserie Kensington and definitely recommend trying this out before the Food and Drink Experience ends on March 10th!

Recommend: Everything


Taste: 4/5

Environment: 3.5/5