Ten Foot Henry - Food and Drink Experience 2019

Did you know the 10 Foot Henry character inside the restaurant used to be the comic cut out mascot for an alt-rock/punk club back in the 1980s? Ten Foot Henry is a vegetable forward, family style restaurant that sits on 1 street in Victoria Park. The last time I visited the restaurant was about three years ago for brunch. Since then, the restaurant has gained many accolades such as number 30th on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants.

When we went in for the Food and Drink Experience, Ten Foot Henry offered a five course (family style) lunch for $30 per person and it was totally worth it!

TOMATOES - herbs, feta, Sidewalk Citizen sourdough toast

HENRY SALAD - baby lettuces, radish, crispy shiitake, tahini miso, red onion

The first and second course came together, it was the Tomatoes and Henry Salad. The Tomatoes was interesting as you have to stir together the whipped feta, fresh dill, cilantro and the cherry tomatoes together. The tomatoes burst and thin out the mixture to spread all over the sourdough bread. The spread was a little too acidic for me but it was definitely different and enjoyable. The Henry Salad is something that I would order again, I loved the tahini miso dressing paired with the salty umami from the shittake and freshness from the crisp lettuce.

ACHIOTE CHICKEN - sweet peppers, aji verde, quick pickles

FRIED POTATOES - lime, herbs, jalapeño, green goddess

For the third and fourth course, it was the Achiote Chicken and Fried Potatoes. This. Chicken. Was. So. Good. It was seasoned and cooked perfectly. The meat was extremely juicy and moist. The aji verde with the hints of cilantro took the chicken to the next level. I would definitely order this again. The Fried Potatoes were very delicious as well, think smashed potatoes but deep fried, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

BUTTERSCOTCH PUDDING - sponge toffee, more butterscotch

To finish we were given Butterscotch Pudding. I love how caramel-y the pudding was and the salty sponge toffee balanced it out. It was a little too sweet but I couldn’t stop eating it!

Overall I had an amazing food experience at the restaurant and will definitely be back in the near future! I only had one thing to say.

Today, we went to the restaurant with a group of five people and two were vegetarians. Because they are a vegetable forward restaurant, I thought it would be alright for the restaurant to substitute the only non-vegetarian (chicken) course with a vegetable course (for the two vegetarians). However, we were told that it was undoable and that the whole table had to participate for the Food and Drink Experience menu. If we ordered the dishes separately, it would work out to be the same price for three people but I had a very persistent mother. We all just ended up ordering the Food and Experience menu.

Recommend: Achiote Chicken, Henry Salad


Taste: 4/5

Environment: 4/5